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MarketsWiki is an online knowledge base focused on the global financial sector, featuring thousands of pages of content on people, firms, exchanges, contracts, terms and topics in the capital markets. In May of 2017, MarketsWiki went over the 100 million page view mark.

The site is powered by the John Lothian News team and contributors who are paid subscribers to the John Lothian Newsletter. Sponsors of the site include some of the world's leading exchanges, brokerage firms, technology firms, trading firms, regulators, public relations firms and others.

John J. Lothian and Jon Matte co-founded MarketsWiki in 2007 and the site launched in January of 2008. The first year saw over 1 million page views.

MarketsWiki has companion sites,, a database about regulatory reform effort around the world, and, a site dedicated to the education events of John Lothian News and other resources.

We visit more than 100 websites daily for financial news (Would YOU do that?). Read the John Lothian Newsletter.


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