Marquette Partners LP

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Marquette Partners LP
Marquette Partners.jpg
Founded 1990
Headquarters Chicago and London
Products Proprietary trading firm
Web site Click Here

Marquette Partners LP is a proprietary trading firm, with offices in Chicago, Minneapolis and London. Marquette trades in the major electronic markets, including CME Group, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, Eurex, NYSE Euronext, Borsa Italiana and Intercontinental Exchange.

Marquette is a member of the FIA Principal Traders Group, a division of the Futures Industry Association (FIA) that represents 36 independent proprietary trading firms.[1]



Marquette was founded in 1990 by James F. Heinz, Jr., and Robert B. Moore, both former floor brokers at the Chicago Board of Trade. Heinz and Moore are joined by 13 limited partners, and Marquette now employs more than 85 traders, IT professionals and support staff[2].

David Feltes joined Marquette Partners in 1994 in Chicago. He moved to London in 1998 and was named CEO in 2006. He left the firm in October of 2007.

Registration Information[edit]

  • James Francis Heinz, Jr. - NFA ID 0062080
  • Robert Brennan Moore - NFA ID 0220329