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Mike Persico
Mike Persico.jpg
Occupation CEO and Founder
Employer Anova Technologies
Location Chicago
Website www.anova-tech.com

Mike Persico is CEO and founder of Anova Technologies and a veteran of the financial and professional services fields.[1] He focuses on marketing, corporate vision and operations worldwide for the firm.[2]


Persico founded SMG Holdings, LLC, a financial services conglomerate. SMG Holdings, LLC is the parent of four firms dedicated to supporting the investment and trading industry: AlgoTrade, Orion Recruiting, Anova Technologies and The Sidus Group.

Prior to forming SMG, he was a part owner and partner in Ambiron, LLC, an IT security technology firm that focused on penetration tests, network audits and compliance for the financial and credit card industries. Ambiron merged with Trustwave in 2004.

Persico's first firm, Tekom, Inc., formed in 1997 to service Eurex, and eventually grew to provide information technology for others in the financial industry. Tekom also built the Master's of Science and Financial Engineering (MSFE) trading floor at Kent State University. The facility opened in 2003 and allows students to learn about the markets while testing their knowledge on real-world systems.[3] Tekom merged with Ambiron in 2004.

Persico sits on the advisory board of OptionsCity, LLC.


Persico graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Marketing.

MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology[edit]


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