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Founded February 2011
Key People Brian Storms, chairman and CEO
Products registries in environmental markets, environmental services
Website [http://www.nyseblue.com www.nyseblue.com}

NYSE Blue is an environmental services and registry company. The company, created in February 2011 when NYSE Euronext acquired a majority stake in APX, focuses on handling registries for various environmental markets as well as services which help companies manage their environmental obligations.[1]

NYSE Blue is also loosely tied to BlueNext, a spot exchange for the European Emissions Trading Scheme. The goal for NYSE Blue is to offer end-to-end products and services for global environmental market participants.


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Products and Services[edit]

Environmental Management Account - Solution Suite for Complete Environmental Asset Management[2]

NYSE Blue Registry Services

Key People[edit]

Brian Storms, chairman and CEO

Kenneth Lopian, managing director