Nguyen Van Giau

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Nguyen Van Giau
Occupation Governor
Employer State Bank of Vietnam
Location Hanoi, Vietnam

Nguyen Van Giau has been governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the country's central bank, since August 2007[1] after an earlier 5-year stint as deputy governor from 1998 to 2003. He is currently overseeing a monetary policy at the SBV aimed at weakening the Vietnamese dong to boost domestic production and exports while reducing imports.


Prior to becoming SBV Governor on August 2, 2007, Giau had spent two years as Party Secretary of Ninh Thuan Province and the previous two years as the province's Deputy Party Secretary.[2] Before his first stint at the SBV began in 1998, Giau had spent his professional career at the state-owned Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, better-known as Agribank, which he joined in 1988. He was also the general director of Agribank for two years prior to joining the SBV as deputy governor.

In an online interview published in August 2008, his first anniversary as SBV governor, Giau reaffirmed the Vietnamese government's commitment to modernizing the SBV "in accordance with the standards of other regional central banks" over the next decade.[3] The SBV would also continue to "flexibly manage the exchange rate policy", he added.

Latest News[edit]

Giau recently presided over an SBV move to widen the dong's trading ban with the U.S. dollar, which subsequently further weakened Vietnam's currency in line with SBV's policy. Giau said the move would help improve domestic production an exports while lowering imports, adding that Vietnam's balance of payments would not be threatened because of the country's trade surplus.[4]