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The POSIT Marketplace is a dark pool operated by Investment Technology Group (ITG)


  • Protects against gaming — POSIT Marketplace uses a proprietary Liquidity Filter to extract quality liquidity from various dark pools, proactively minimizing information leakage and protecting against gaming.
  • Boosts liquidity — POSIT Marketplace brings all of ITG’s liquidity together in one place, across small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks. POSIT is one of the largest buyside-to-buyside liquidity pools in the industry, enabling traders to get more trades done.
  • Reports trade executions — As an agency broker, ITG offers full transparency, providing clients with a POSIT Marketplace Report Card to evaluate the performance of each dark venue.
  • Streamlines workflow — The simplicity of POSIT Marketplace provides traders end-to-end process integration and more crossing opportunities. Traders can interact with standing orders in the system, ITG Algorithms, market-bound flow, and unplaced shares from the trading blotters of POSIT AlertSM participating clients.
  • Ensures confidentiality — POSIT Marketplace offers complete privacy, using a proprietary algorithm to match buy and sell orders without human intervention.[1]


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