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Prime Analytics, LLC
Founded 1994
Headquarters Chicago
Key People John P. Kelley, Executive Managing Director; Joseph Campbell, Executive Managing Director
Products ProOpticus
Twitter @ProOpticus

Prime Analytics, LLC is a financial software firm that develops systems for trading and risk management professionals in the derivatives industry. The firm is based in Chicago, with offices in New York and Tucson. It was acquired by KRM22 on September 25, 2018.[1]

Prime Analytics offers comprehensive derivatives trading, valuation, and risk management platforms through its ProOpticus line of products.

ProOpticus is designed for traders in the pit, in electronic markets, or both. It offers for traders printed Delta Sheets for pit traders, and Dynamic Delta Sheets for traders on handheld devices and electronic traders. With over 20 option valuation models and 16 volatility skewing methods, ProOpticus provides precise values for option contracts of all asset classes. Finally, ProOpticus offers unparalleled risk analytics for traders and risk managers in both trading firms and FCMs, and for brokers following the markets for clients.

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