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Professional Risk Managers' International Association
Founded 2002
Headquarters Wilmington, DE
Products PRM Certification
Web site

The Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) [PREE-mee-ah] is a member-led non-profit professional association dedicated to defining and implementing the best practices of risk management. It is governed by a directly elected board of directors representing its global membership.[1]

PRMIA formed the PRMIA Institute, a non-profit educational institution, in order to promote PRMIA's scientific, educational and charitable work. The Institute partners with leading universities and faculty to provide education to risk managers.[2]


In 2002, a volunteer group of risk management professionals formed the group in order to promote the profession through research, opinion, accreditation (the "PRM" designation), and ethical standards. This group of 26 founders has since grown to over 87,000, represented by 60 chapters in over 200 countries. [3]

Products and Services[edit]

  • Training Courses (classroom and online)
  • Publications
  • PRM Designation
  • Associate PRM Certificate
  • PRMIA Accreditation
  • PRMIA Institute


PRMIA offers both individual (sustaining, student, low income, free) and corporate (platinum, gold, silver, crystal) memberships.

Key People[edit]


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