PanXchange, Inc.

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PanXchange, Inc.
PanXchange Logo(1).jpg
Founded 2014
Headquarters Denver, Colorado
Key People Julie Lerner, CEO
Products Commodities trading platform
Releases Company News

PanXchange is a web-based OTC physical commodity trading platform headquartered in Denver. Founded by CEO Julie Lerner, the online market allows buyers and sellers to negotiate specific details of a trade, including the location and timing of delivery and the exact quantity and quality of the commodity. This is all done anonymously, in real time.

The company went live in East Africa in mid-2015, and offers negotiation and trading of more than 20 different agricultural commodities. It was formed with the intention of improving the economic livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers in East Africa. The company expanded since with the launch of a market for frac sand in 2017, which is used in the hydraulic fracturing process to recover hydrocarbons in the United States and abroad.

PanXchange was formerly known as CMDirect, Inc. and has offices in Houston, Nairobi, Kenya and Kempala, Uganda.

The company announced a partnership in October 2016 with Bulkloads LLC, a web-based platform for trucking and bulk raw grains. The deal allows traders to access PanXchange for access to the market and price discovery on trucking routes.[1]

The company opened an office in Houston to further expand its business in the energy sector in January 2017.[2]

In August 2019 PanXchange said it would launch an industrial hemp exchange that could eventually provide the basis for related derivative contracts. Earlier in the year the exchange created a price reporting facility for industrial hemp.


In October of 2014 PanXchange completed a successful pilot launch for the online negotiation and matching of physical maize and wheat in the region.[3]

In the fall of 2016, PanXchange went live in U.S. feed grains and rose to one of the top three in the brokerage space within four months. PXEnergy launched an OTC market for proppant (sand for hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas) in October 2017. [4][5]

PanXchange is protected by two US patents with four pending. It was selected in 2016 as an Futures Industry Association Innovator.[6][7][8]

Key People[edit]