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Permal Group.
Founded 1848
Headquarters 900 Third Avenue, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10022, United States
Key People Mr. Isaac R. Souede, Chief Executive
Employees >200
Products Advisory, management, and monitoring services to funds

Permal Group[edit]

Permal is a leading global asset management group, offering investment solutions through established funds and customized portfolios, drawing on almost four decades of experience in manager selection, asset allocation and risk management, with a core competence in alternative investments. Established in 1973, Permal has offices in nine international financial centers, over 200 employees, and extensive networks of experienced managers and relationships around the globe.


Established almost four decades ago in 1973, Permal was part of the Worms & Cie Group, a family-owned firm of French origin founded in 1848[1]. In 2005, Permal was acquired by Legg Mason and now operates as a subsidiary of the one of world’s largest asset management firms. [2] [3]


Permal has an extensive range of multi-manager, multi-strategy funds to meet specific risk and return objectives. Assets are allocated to experienced investment managers, diversifying risk and gaining exposure to a broad range of investment opportunities. Permal proactively reallocates among managers and strategies based on an ongoing assessment of global market conditions. Many investments are made through separately managed accounts providing greater transparency, liquidity and control. Permal can customize separate accounts for investors, offering a more tailored approach to specific risk and return objectives, taking into account the economic outlook, asset allocation preferences, risk appetite, and other investment parameters


In 2011, Permal won the ‘Best Performing Specialist Fund of Hedge Funds Over 10 Years’ award at the Hedge Funds Review European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards [4] and in 2012 also won the ‘Best Specialist Fund of Hedge Funds Over 10 Years’ at the Hedge Funds Review Americas Awards. [5]

International Offices[edit]

Permal Group operates through nine international offices in Boston, New York, Nassau (Bahamas), London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. [6]

Key People[edit]

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