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PhillipCapital Group
Founded 1975
Headquarters Singapore, with offices in the U.S., India
Employees 3500+
Products FX, equities, fixed income, bonds, futures
Twitter @PhillipCapital

PhillipCapital Group is a Singapore-based company established in 1975. It employs more than 3,500 people worldwide with member companies operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Turkey, India and the U.S. The firm has shareholder equity greater than $1 billion and global assets under custody greater than $18 billion.

Products & Services[edit]

The PhillipCapital Group offers a suite of financial services including brokering of futures, foreign currency exchange, equities, fixed income, bonds, unit trusts, real estate, and insurance.


Phillip Capital Inc. is the U.S. arm of the PhillipCapital Group. It was formed in 2010 as a futures commission merchant (FCM) and has clearing memberships on the following exchanges: CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, DME, ICE US, and CFE. It is based in Chicago, IL and located at the Chicago Board of Trade building.[1]


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