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Pro-Mark is an advanced application front-end offered by Patsystems for the professional trader -- those who trade high-volume, high-value, cross-market, complex instruments. It is targeted toward proprietary houses, investment banks and other institutions.[1]

Its main virtue is speed: speed of navigation, order entry, cancellation, fill receipt and throughput. Pro-Mark can be used for many types of orders and strategies, including multi-leg spreading and user-created strategies using any number of legs in any asset class, including derivatives, forex, energy and others.

Pro-Mark contains two spreading tools: Prism for autospreading, and Grid, a flexible spread matrix.

Prism enables intelligent multi-leg spreading and uses 'deductive logic' to help place orders at the best price in executing specific strategies. It also enables users to actively work the legs of a spread, combine both futures and options, and work stops in strategies.

Grid can combine outrights, calendars, butterflies, condors, packs and bundles on one screen. Users can create and price any strategy using any combination of outrights.

Pro-Mark also offers advanced charting that uses more than 70 technical indicators including candlesticks, bar charts and Market Profile, as well as seamless integration with MS Excel. It offers live quotes, embedded depth of market, transparency (ability to view any contract in full detail), and customizable screen to fit the user's trading profile.

  • Pro-Mark was named "Technology Product of the Year" in the 2008 FOW Awards.

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