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The QQQs, or QQQQ, "The Qs" or "Cubes" are all nicknames for the NASDAQ-100 Trust Series 1 exchange-traded fund, sponsored and overseen since March 21, 2007 by Powershares. The ETF trades under the ticker NASDAQ: QQQQ. It is a tracking stock designed to perfectly mimic the action of the Nasdaq 100 index.[1]

On December 1, 2004, it was moved from the American Stock Exchange where it carried the symbol QQQ to the NASDAQ and given the new four letter code QQQQ. It was the most actively traded U.S. security in the United States before Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipts (SPDRS) eclipsed it. Various securities index options are available to investors and traders on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, International Securities Exchange, and, currently, Amex.


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