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QuikStrike Options Analytics Tool is a comprehensive analytics platform offered by CME Group. Designed for traders and market participants, QuikStrike delivers analytics to explore options markets, assess potential trades, and refine strategies. The tool is built to support informed decision-making in the fast-paced environment of options trading.[1][2]


Developed for both new and experienced traders, QuikStrike fosters a deeper understanding of options markets with its user-friendly interface and robust functionality. It is directly integrated with CME Group's trading platforms, such as CME Direct, allowing for seamless transition from analysis to action.

Key Features[edit]

Volatility Analysis[edit]

QuikStrike provides detailed volatility data and analytics, enabling users to view historical and implied volatility levels. It also allows for the comparison of volatility across different time frames and contract expirations, aiding in the identification of volatility trends and patterns.

Fair Value Calculation[edit]

The tool allows traders to calculate the fair value of options contracts, which is essential for assessing whether an option is overvalued or undervalued in the market. This calculation is based on various factors, including current market conditions and volatility.

Greeks Computation[edit]

QuikStrike offers the ability to calculate the "Greeks," which are measures of the sensitivity of an option's price to its underlying parameters, such as the delta, gamma, theta, and vega. These metrics are critical for options risk management and for understanding how different factors can affect option prices.

Strategy Testing[edit]

Users can test and model different trading strategies within the platform. This feature allows traders to simulate the outcomes of their strategies under various market conditions, thereby refining their approach before executing trades in the live market.

Correlation and Charting Tools[edit]

The analytics tool provides charting capabilities and correlation data between different assets. Traders can visualize market movements and identify relationships between different options or futures contracts, which is valuable for building diversified and risk-managed portfolios.


QuikStrike is used across a range of trading-related activities:

  • Market Analysis: Traders utilize the tool for daily market analysis to inform their trading decisions. [3]
  • Risk Management: Risk managers employ QuikStrike to quantify risks associated with options portfolios and to plan mitigating strategies.
  • Education: The tool serves as an educational resource for those looking to enhance their understanding of options markets.

Availability and Access QuikStrike Options Analytics Tool is available to CME Group clients and can be accessed through CME Direct or independently via the QuikStrike website. Subscription plans may vary, offering different levels of access and functionality.[4]