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RTD Tango is an event-based algorithmic trading system that is offered by RTS Realtime Systems.

The firm touts the product as a multi-exchange, multi-asset solution that handles complex multi-layer algorithmic trading strategies and is suitable for a broad range of industry professionals and business models.[1]

RTS Says RTD Tango Can Be Employed For The Following: • Pairs Trading/Arbitrage • Statistical Arbitrage • Spread Trading • Basket Trading • Hybrid Trading/Auto-hedging • Technical Indicators • Trend Following • Quoting • Order Execution • BacktestingSmart Order Routing


RTD Tango is a client-server-based application which is fully integrated into RTS Realtime Systems Group’s infrastructure to minimize internal latency for market data and execution. Order processing and performance are dynamically improved to respond to sensitive, high-speed trading styles.


RTD Tango can be deployed for trading on over 115 exchanges and liquidity pools via RTS’ Proximity Services and Direct Market Access gateways or at the customer’s site.

Realtime Testing[edit]

An integrated Market Data Simulator allows users to test trading models with live data before deploying them into an active market. The real-time testing module incorporates market behavior and takes into consideration FIFO and pro rata matching algorithms as well as exchange-specific round-trip latencies.

Strategy Deployment[edit]

RTD Tango removes complexity by allowing users to build their own framework without in-depth programming knowledge. Using a proprietary language based on an Excel macro language, enriched with hundreds of trading components and syntactical check of strategy code, traders and programmers can reduce the market turnaround cycle for their trading strategies.

Control & Analysis[edit]

User-selected expressions that are displayed in the RTD Tango Client allow users to monitor parameters and values. The “Order” and “Quote Agents” automatically control and manage orders/quotes during trading strategy execution. In-depth analysis can be performed through time-sliced and interval analysis capabilities, while adjustments of strategies and parameters can be done “on the fly."


The RTD Tango Backtester enables users to comprehensively test trading models and help users decrease time to market. Thousands of parameter and strategy combinations can be analyzed and back-tested against tick data and full market depth to optimize performance and ensure accuracy. The RTD Tango Backtester can come with an integrated market data collector.[2]

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