RTD Tango Trader

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RTD Tango Trader combines algorithmic and click trading into one platform (and one screen). It is based on the RTD Tango back-end technology and is integrated into the RTS Realtime Systems's infrastructure and order management system.

RTS Says RTD Tango Trader Can Be Used by: • Prime Brokers • Brokers • Introducing Brokers • Proprietary Traders • Day Traders • Day Traders • Hedge Funds • Exchanges • Buy/Sell Side


Traders develop their own proprietary customizable algos and deploy them with an off-the-shelf hosted or un-hosted solution. RTD Tango Trader® is designed to leverage firms’ existing infrastructure and enable more brokers, traders and clients to benefit from customized algorithms.

Powered by the low latency back-end technology that supports the RTS algorithmic trading platform RTD Tango®, this solution is fully integrated into the high-performance RTS infrastructure.