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The Review of Futures Markets is a financial journal that promotes global research and study of financial engineering, markets and products.

The quarterly journal publishes peer-reviewed, editor-selected articles that expand the literature of futures, options and derivatives research. Selected articles presented at the annual Futures Research Symposium [1] also are published.
The Review was originally published by the Chicago Board of Trade from 1982 to 1991 and is now published by Kent State University, in cooperation with the Institute for Financial Markets.[2] Insightful articles appeal to a high-level audience including exchange professionals, market practitioners, financial engineers and academics, among others. Subscriptions are available, and past articles from 1982-2006 can be viewed for free at the Review of Futures Markets Archives.[3]

During its publication from 1982 through 1994, RFM was named as one of 15 core financial journals and ranked as the 12th journal of finance, based on citations.[4]