Robert C. Sheehan

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Robert C. Sheehan
Occupation CEO
Employer Belzberg Technologies Inc.

Robert C. Sheehan is the chief executive officer of Electronic Brokerage Systems Belzberg Technologies Inc.[1]

Sheehan has been a registered broker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) since 1983. He is the registered principal of the firm.


Sheehan started his career in the securities industry as a registered representative in 1973.

Robert C. Sheehan and Associates was started in 1985 in order to offer institutional execution services in the options markets. In 2000, Sid Belzberg agreed to have Belzberg Technologies build an inter-market trading platform for options. In addition to this, Electronic Brokerage Systems was formed in order to add clearing to the execution services of RC Sheehan. The firms were merged in 2001.[2]