Securities Commission of the Bahamas

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The Securities Commission of the Bahamas
Founded 1995
Headquarters Nassau, The Bahamas
Key People Phillip B. Stubbs, Chairman
Employees 35

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas [1] is the agency responsible for regulating the Bahamian capital market, including market mediaries, secondary markets and mutual funds.

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There are two primary pieces of legislation that govern regulation of the sector. The Security Industry Act 1999 (SIA) governs the regulation of capital and security market participants and public companies. The Mutual Fund Act 1995 governs the regulation of mutual funds and fund administrators.

Products and Services[edit]

Activities include:

  • Reviewing prospectuses for financial and legal compliance
  • Processing of applications for registration
  • Supervising and regulating the Exchange and market participants
  • Responding to complaints/inquiries from investors
  • Conducting investigations and other such matters
  • Preparing matters for referral to the Commission
  • Responding to and co-operating with other securities regulators


  1. Annual Report. The Securities Commission of the Bahamas.