Sharon Johnson

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Sharon Johnson
Occupation Sr. Cotton Specialist
Employer Knight Futures

Sharon Johnson is a senior cotton specialist at Knight Futures, a futures commission merchant. Johnson generates research on the fundamentals driving the U.S. and international cotton markets, and works with a number of commercial clients to develop hedging programs using U.S.futures and options.

She is active in distributing information about cotton and its price direction through magazine articles, speeches, and webinars. She has addressed a number of organizations including the USDA Outlook Conference, the American Farm Bureau, the National Cotton Council's Beltwide Meeting, and the Intercontinental Exchange.


Johnson was previously with Cargill Investor Services, where she conducted similar research starting in the mid 1980s. Before that she was employed by Clayton Brokerage Co of St Louis Inc, first as a grains and soybean futures broker, and then later promoted to trading manager.

She received the Cargill Investor Services Quality Award in 1991 for her work in developing a cotton research service for use by the various branch offices of this Cargill division.


Johnson is a graduate of Georgia State University located in Atlanta, Ga with concentrations in economics and psychology.