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{{Infobox Person
|employer =  [[Minneapolis Grain Exchange]]
|job      =  Senior Marketing Manager
|loc      =  Minneapolis, MN
|name    =  Roger Hipwell
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|url      =  [http://www.mgex.com/ www.mgex.com/]

Roger Hipwell is Senior Marketing Manager for the [[Minneapolis Grain Exchange]] (MGEX). He was hired in December 2007 and is responsible for the sales and marketing of spring wheat futures and options contracts, as well as agricultural index products.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.mgex.com/documents/HipwelljoinsMGEX.pdf|name=MGEX Hires Roger Hipwell|org=MGEX|date=December 14, 2007}}</ref>
== Background ==
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Prior to joining MGEX, Hipwell worked for [[Bay State Milling Company]] and [[The Pillsbury Company]], developing his expertise in sales and marketing for flour milling and bakery mixes. He has also directed sales and marketing for the wholesale baking sector of companies like [[Dawn Food Products]] and [[CHP Blenders]].
== References ==
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