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<div class="mwfronttitle">[[CETIP Trader]]</div>
<div class="mwfronttitle">[[CME Group, Inc.]]</div>
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<div class="podimage"><imagemap>
   Image: ICEnewlogocolor.jpg|125px
   Image: cmeGroupLogo.gif|125px
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   desc none
   default [[CETIP Trader]]
   default [[CME Group, Inc.]]
Cetip | Trader is a [[CETIP]], [[ICE]] joint-venture  Brazillian [[fixed income]] trading platform announced on August 16, 2012. The platform merges electronic trading, voice confirmation, bilateral settlement of electronic buy and sell orders, and real-time historical data into a single piece of software.
On August 20, 2012, the CME announced its intent to open a European exchange in mid-2013. The exchange will start with [[currency futures]] and will progress into other markets. [[Robert Ray]], CME's managing director in charge of international products will lead the new exchange, which will utilize [[CME Globex]] for electronic trading and [[CME Clearing Europe]] for processing the transactions. The new exchange plans to directly challenge [[Eurex]] and [[NYSE Liffe]] in the [[derivatives]] and [[OTC]] space.
'''[[CETIP Trader|See the page >]]'''<br>
'''[[CME Group, Inc.|See the page >]]'''<br>

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