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  • The late Thomas Hale was a founding member of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] who served as its fourth president Prior to serving as president of the [[CBOT]], Hale served as a vice president.
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  • He was founding member and senior [[portfolio]] manager with [[Uhlmann Price Securities, LL ...a Chicago Baord of Trade Family. His father had served as president of the CBOT in the 1940s.
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  • Charles Gerstenberg was a Chicago-based grain commission merchant and a founding member of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]].<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.ebo In book about the history of the CBOT, Gerstenberg is referred to as Carl Gerstenberg.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://
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  • ...go who became the first president of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] at its founding in 1848.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...onal Democratic Convention. In 1848, at the time of the founding of the [[CBOT]], Dyer was president of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.
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  • Forrester started out at the CBOT as a runner for the old Uhlman Grain Company in 1963 at age 22. He became ...ership. While at Garvey, he attracted the attention of some other exchange members who asked him to join their firm, Hennessy & Associates, as a partner.
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  • .../news/ct-xpm-1985-02-19-8501100277-story.html|name=SIGNS OF THE TIMES STIR CBOT FUSS|org=Chicago Tribune|date=September 10, 2019}}</ref> ...eer in finance in New York and Chicago after serving in the Navy. He was a founding partner of Jackson Associates, a member firm of the Chicago Board of Trade.
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  • ...017}}</ref> He is credited with hiring economist [[Richard Sandor]] at the CBOT.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...//
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  • {{Infobox Person |employer=National Futures Association |job=Founding President & CEO |loc=Chicago, Illinois |name=Bob Wilmouth |pic=bobwilmouth1 The late Robert K. Wilmouth was the founding president and CEO of the [[National Futures Association]]. He served as [[N
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  • ...was a Chicago building contractor born in Forfarshire, Scotland who was a founding member of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] and served as the third president ...ering of 300 thousand troops for fighting in the U.S. Civil War. The CBOT members pledged to use their influence and money to recruit a batter to be known as
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  • ...icago Board of Trade]]. He was 39 years old in 1969 when he was elected [[CBOT]] chairman as a maverick candidate, one not slated by the nominating commi ...prominent Chicago-based brokerage firm, [[Hennessy & Associate]]s prior to founding First American Discount Corp.
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  • .../ .../
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  • John P. Kelley is a founding member and executive managing director at [[Prime Analytics, LLC]], makers [[Category:CBOT - Former Members]]
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  • ...{{cite web |url= |name=Leslie Rosenthal Biography |org=Rosenthal Collins Group|date=Mar]]. He was credited with creating two new classes of memberships for the CBOT, enabling new ways for traders to access the exchange. He was also instrume
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  • .../05/Arbor-takes-over-as-CBOT-chief/5780726210000/|name=Arbor takes over as CBOT chief|org=UPI|date=July 18, 2022}}</ref> In 1982, Goldenberg was slated by the nominating committee of the CBOT to replace sitting Chairman [[Lesley Rosenthal]] for chairman of the exchan
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  • |job = CBOT President (1858-59), Mayor of Chicago (1861-62) of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]]. He served as the president of the [[CBOT]] in 1858 and 1959, then served as mayor of Chicago at the beginning of the
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  • ...3, 65 licenses) of Spike Financial Services, a NASD broker dealer and as a founding partner and COO of Titan Holdings, LLC. [[Category:CBOT - Former Members]]
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  • ...late George Augustin Gibbs (1811-1865) was a Chicago businessman who was a founding member of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] who served as its president in 185 [[Category:Former CBOT Officials]]
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  • ...o, helping found the Art Institute of Chicago. He was instrumental in the founding of the University of Chicago, where he served as a trustee and as treasurer [[Category:Deceased Members of the Chicago Board of Trade]]
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  • He is also a founding member of Saliba Partners, L.L.C. an options trading firm on the floor of t ...web|url=|name=Efficient's Founding Partners|org=Efficient Capital Management|date=September 26, 2017}}</ref>
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  • Marzano was a member of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] (CBOT) and the [[Chicago Mercantile Exchange]] (now [[CME Group]]) for 24 years. ...firm]] of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange; founding and development of the [[Applied Municipal Network]], an early contributor
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  • Bronstein was a founding member of the [[Chicago Climate Exchange]] and a member of that organizatio [[Category:CBOT Members]]
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  • ...ogle Books|date=November 20, 2013}}</ref> He served as president of the [[CBOT]] in 1850 and 1851. Walker was a founding member of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] and served as vice president at it
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  • ...and has served as a director of the NFA, the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] ([[CBOT]]), the [[Chicago Mercantile Exchange]] ([[CME]]), and the FIA. He has more ...], an international bullion dealing company founded in London in 1671; the founding, management and ultimate sale in 1995 of [[Brody White & Co., Inc.]] and [[
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  • ...l=|name="CBOT Sells Pollution"|org=Futures|date=February 9, 2008}}</ref> ...Sandor]], who was named a Hero of the Planet by Time Magazine in 2002 for founding CCX, and in 2007 as the "father of [[carbon trading]]."
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  • ...d as chief economist and vice president of the [[Chicago Board of Trade]] (CBOT).<ref>Speaker: Richard Sandor. [ ...m. December 1999. Retrieved November 2011.</ref> He is often credited for founding the field of environmental finance. His first book, [
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  • ..._news_us|name=CME Replaces Chairman With Trader Who Could Seek Merger With CBOT|org=Wall Street Journal|date=February 24, 2008}}</ref> ...Board of Trade]] and the [[Chicago Board Options Exchange]]. Gordon was a founding board member of [[OneChicago]], and also served on the board and executive
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