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  • |job = Central Bank Chief Of Luxembourg, ECB Executive Board Member ...loomberg|date=July 9, 2012}}</ref>He was the euro region's longest-serving central banker as of July of 2012.
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  • |employer = Central Bank of Colombia ...a) since 2005 and has recently, like most governors of [[frontier market]] central banks, overseen a round of official interest rate cutting since the [[fina
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  • [[Bankers]] sell Islamic bonds by using property and other assets to generate income ...year. According to the Islamic Financial Services Board, an association of central banks based in Kuala Lumpur, the assets managed under Islamic rules will al
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  • |job = Former Governor ...ut the 1920s, Strong promoted more effective cooperation among the world’s central banks and traveled substantially to achieve this objective.
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  • Ibrahim M. Turhan is an Istanbul-based exchange executive, central banker and university professor. He most recently served as chairman and CE Before joining [[Borsa Istanbul]], Turhan was deputy governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. He was in charge of monetary policy intern
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  • ...lished in 1950 under the [[Bank of Korea Act]]. It has served as Korea's [[central bank]], with a commitment to pursuing monetary stability and development of ...s, formulating and implementing monetary and credit policy, serving as the bankers' bank and the government's bank. In addition, the Bank of Korea undertakes
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  • |employer = Central Bank of Kenya Professor Njuguna S. Ndung’u has served as Governor of the [[Central Bank of Kenya]] (CBK) for almost two years despite early opposition and mor
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  • The markets group, which deals directly with Wall Street and foreign central banks, carries out Fed actions in the open market. Potter will oversee the ...s as the banker for the [[U.S. Treasury Department]]. The NY Fed is also a central player in financial regulation, given that it sits at the heart of the US a
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  • Bankers Hall, West Tower<br /> 8 Finance Street, Central<br />
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  • news coverage at various industry events as well as coverage of key [[central bank]]ers. [[Category:Market News International - Former Employees]]
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  • ...sentatives from the Regional Banks Association of Japan and the [[Japanese Bankers Association]] called for relaxation of accounting rules related to [[securi There are three types of [[financial institution]]s in Japan: the central bank (Bank of Japan), private financial institutions, and public financial
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  • ...versight-over-facebooks-cryptocurrency-idUSKCN1TM188|name=European central bankers claim oversight over Facebook’s cryptocurrency|org=Reuters|date=June 21, ...bra (Diem) in October 2020. The press reports noted that that the European Central Bank, which serves Germany, France and Italy, Canada and the U.K. have all
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  • ...tionwide and the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up the U.S.' central bank. The Boston Fed serves the First Federal Reserve District that include Bank of Boston opened for business, serving the six New England states. Bankers, businesspeople, politicians, and educators had united to recommend that th
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  • ...183e16-194d-11e7-9c35-0dd2cb31823a|name=Citadel Securities recruits second former equities regulator|org=The Financial Times|date=April 5, 2017}}</ref> In April 2008, Citadel hired former [[JPMorgan Chase & Co.]] [[investment banker]] [[Derek Kaufman]] to run its
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  • | products = Central Bank The Bank of England is the [[central bank]] of the United Kingdom. Sometimes known as the "Old Lady of Threadnee
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  • | org_name = British Bankers' Association ...2-b3d7-11e1-8fea-00144feabdc0.html#axzz21TT47Euo|name=New head for British Bankers’ Association|org=FT|date=July 23, 2012}}</ref>
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  • ...Nomura's equity operations for Asia, including Japan. Rachid Bouzouba, the former Lehman head of equities for Europe and the Middle East, was appointed head In July 26 of 2012, [[Kenichi Watanabe]], the former CEO of Nomura, resigned over a series of insider trading scandals. He was r
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  • Investment banks were once considered solely [[institutional investor]]s, bankers and financiers to high-end individuals and groups, much like [[Goldman Sach **Title VII, which aims to bring transparency and central clearing to previously unregulated [[OTC derivatives]].
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  • * Algorithm: Central order book applies a time pro-rata trade matching algorithm, but with prior * Based on the European Bankers Federations’ Euribor Offered Rate (EBF Euribor) for three month Euro depo
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  • ...h in 1986 until 2013, the rate was compiled and published by the [[British Bankers Association]] (BBA). However, after authorities found in 2012 that some ban by large institutions including the World Bank, MetLife and Fannie Mae. Central banks in Britain, the euro zone, Japan and Switzerland are also constructin
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  • ...tion]] pressures in the [[euro zone]] must be watched closely, and urged [[central bank]]ers everywhere to ensure that higher energy and food [[price]]s did n ...web|url=|name=Central Bank Digital Currency Policy‑Maker Toolkit|org=World Economic Forum|date=
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  • ...irs team works with policymakers and influencers globally, such as central bankers, politicians, regulators, academics and the financial services industry, pr
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  • We’ve seen some pretty good flows from the institutional side, where bankers are arranging trades for their hedge fund clients who want to trade volatil ...e trades are pre-arranged bilaterally and then entered into the system for central clearing via Eurex Clearing. This is traded volume and accessible liquidity
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  • ...mage8=dashonly.gif | name9=Ivan Ritossa | position9=Head of Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa <br> | image9=dashonly.gif | nam
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  • ...hain technology. In 2018, Beller started working on the Libra project with former [[PayPal]] executive David Marcus, who had been working on Facebook's Messe ...ficial/|name=Facebook’s Libra documents are ‘very vague’, says Switzerland central bank official|org=The Block|date=August 28, 2019}}</ref>
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  • [[10-year government of Canada bond futures]] (CGB), [[3-month Canadian Bankers' Acceptance futures]] (BAX),and [[S&P Canada 60 Index Futures]] (SXF).<ref>]], the [[Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation]] (CDCC), provides [[central counterparty clearing]] services to participants. It holds a top [[investme
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  • When the crisis hit, Vietnam's [[central bank]], the [[State Bank of Vietnam]] (SBV), was forced - as in most fronti ...]]-market meltdown that began in September 2008 then led the SBV, like the central banks of other [[frontier markets]] like [[Kenya]] and [[Hungary]], to lowe
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  • ...ogether-2017-02-16|name=New round of funding for software pledging to help bankers work together|org=MarketWatch|date=October 11, 2017}}</ref> Droit, RedSeal ...d settlement of financial transactions. In April 2015, Digital Asset hired former [[JPMorgan]] global commodities chief [[Blythe Masters]] as CEO.<ref>{{cite
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  • ...European Securities and Markets Authority]] approved EU customers to use a central securities depository known as Euroclear UK & Ireland, ensuring that invest ...ft-trading-of-european-stocks-out-of-london-11609780316|name=Brexit Forces Bankers to Shift Trading of European Stocks Out of London|org=The Wall Street Journ
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  • ...omplete-bankers-react/?partner=contextstory|name=Dodd-Frank Bill Complete, Bankers React ||date=July 26, 2010}}</ref> ...tors took some cues from the [[Basel committee]], a forum of 27 countries’ central banks and regulators that creates global rules that aim to prevent banks fr
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  • ...([[CME]]) and the 159-year-old [[Chicago Board of Trade]] ([[CBOT]]), its former rival. Through a series of subsequent acquisitions of exchanges, technology ...een [[CME Group]] and [[Thomson Reuters]]. The idea was to introduce the [[central counterparty]] [[clearing]] and [[straight-through processing]] model to th
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  • ...([[CME]]) and the 159-year-old [[Chicago Board of Trade]] ([[CBOT]]), its former rival. Through a series of subsequent acquisitions of exchanges, technology ...een [[CME Group]] and [[Thomson Reuters]]. The idea was to introduce the [[central counterparty]] [[clearing]] and [[straight-through processing]] model to th
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  • ...h organization. This allowed the banks to [[settle]] their accounts at one central location and helped make check-clearing more efficient and less prone to th ...hase National Bank in honor of his late friend, Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln’s former Treasury Secretary, Governor of Ohio and Chief Justice of the United States
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