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  • ...nthropy throughout the futures industry by sponsoring various fund raising events and promoting volunteerism among exchange membership, staff and members. *[[Category:Charitable Organizations]]
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  • ==Charitable Work== ...5/Previous-Events/InvestHedge-Forum-2010.html?ElementId=9147|name=Previous Events|org=Hedge Fund Intelligence|date=April 11, 2012}}</ref>
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  • [[Category:Charitable Events]]
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  • The Futures For Kids trustees are continually working on fundraising events to gain momentum from potential supporters. Their first event was the [[FOA Further information on sponsoring events or making donations can be obtained by contacting Futures For Kids at [mail
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  • ...major environmental organizations and regulators. He speaks at key global events such as the UN Climate Change Conference, World Climate Summit, Carbon Expo ...of pursuits. He is also a philanthropist engaged in many annual charitable events, such as the Qantas CEO Cook Off initiative.
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  • ...or all communications, as well as the [[CME]]'s civic, charitable, special events and international relations activities.
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  • '''Q: You do work with a charitable organization that reaches out to individuals in Botswana, Africa. What is t '''Q: What is the future for "[[black box]]" trading? Have the events of the last year or so made people more or less interested in using automat
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