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  • ...ital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is designed to predict expected returns on risky assets. CAPM involves using [[Beta]] (a measure of the asset's correlation ...64|date=Feb. 2007| name="The Valuation of Risk Assets and the Selection of Risky Investments in Stock Portfolios and Capital Budgets"}}</ref>, and [[Jan Mos
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  • ...n Stanley]], and the pool of about $300 billion in [[mortgage]]s and other risky assets that the U.S. government agreed to backstop in late 2008. ...gan Stanley, and the pool of about $300 billion in [[mortgage]]s and other risky assets that the U.S. government agreed to backstop in late 2008.
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  • |employer = Risky Finance a London-based financial journalist and author and the founder of Risky Finance, a risk data and analysis platform. He was previously a newsletter editor
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  • |job = Associate Professor of Finance, James F. Towey Faculty Fellow .... Poeshman is the James F. Towey Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign.<ref>{{cite web|url=htt
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  • ...lso provide financing for products which they [[sell]]. Banks may directly finance purchases through [[loans]] and [[mortgage]]s.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://to ...enture capital]] funds are under pressure from their investors not to fund risky [[start-up]]s while credit is drying up. Other companies are unable to fund
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  • ...gan Stanley, and the pool of about $300 billion in [[mortgage]]s and other risky assets that the U.S. government agreed to backstop in late 2008.<ref>{{cite
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  • ...graduate of the Budapest University of Economics majoring in International Finance.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...out that international financial markets highlighted Hungary in 2008 as a risky economy partly because of its high levels of foreign [[debt]], adding that
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  • ...tent/madelyn-antoncic|name=Madelyn Antoncic|org=Institute of International Finance|date=April 11, 2017}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= ...from Lehman Brothers after warning CEO Dick Fuld that the company was "too risky." She worked in the office of the chief risk officer at the time.<ref>{{cit
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  • ...(or margin), and selling short other stocks. Each technique was considered risky and highly speculative, but when properly combined would result in a conser ...s for the Quakers in the Spanish Civil War. During World War II he covered finance, politics, and the war effort for [[Fortune Magazine]]. By 1948 he had left
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  • ...estic and foreign organizations and individuals. In addition to the public finance issues, JBA makes requests about the tax reforms and submits comments on ma
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  • ...00602/2/2ddlo.html|name=Buffett To Front Financial Crisis Probe|org=Yahoo! Finance|date=June 3, 2010}}</ref>
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  • | products = Consumer, corporate and investment banking and finance, global asset management ...gan Stanley, and the pool of about $300 billion in [[mortgage]]s and other risky assets that the U.S. government agreed to backstop in late 2008.<ref>{{cite
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  • ...e among national financial supervisors as well as impose temporary bans on risky financial products and activities. They can also impose decisions directly ...83-2/|name=ESMA’S STEVEN MAIJOOR STEPS DOWN TO JOIN DUTCH CENTRAL BANK|org=Finance Feeds|date=July 14, 2021}}</ref>
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  • ...vernments. It also provides insight into the [[credit risk]] of structured finance deals, providing an independent view of credit risk associated with debt-se ...a credit ratings agency had been brought to a full trial over a structured finance product.<ref> {{cite web|url =
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  • ...d invest $5 billion in [[Wall Street]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Bottom-Feeding Billionaires|org=Sify|date=Oc ...d it, he won't invest in it.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name
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  • ...ost crypto traders" don't care about protection for market manipulation or risky investments, that legal protection from such threats "doesn't matter," and ...ulation/|name=Roger Ver, Bitmain Sued for BCH Hard Fork ‘Manipulation’|org=Finance Magnates|date=December 7, 2018}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=https://www.coind
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  • ...said the company would reduce its global presence and make operations less risky, cutting it down from seven divisions to three.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://w ....html?x=0|name=RBS restructuring head to quit for Lloyd - report|org=Yahoo Finance|date=July 18, 2011}}</ref>
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  • ...gement. My mentor and professor there is a fairly well known professor in finance and derivatives theory named Hans Stoll. I had several classes with him an ...raditional, successful specialist system to something different. It was a risky move and we could have gotten it wrong.
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  • ...ial Watchdog Warns Public of Crypto Clone Firm|org=Cointelegraph via Yahoo Finance|date=May 31, 2019}}</ref> ...assets as "alternative investments" to investments offered in traditional finance.
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  • ...sferred investor funds into his own accounts more than once, often to make risky trades on other cryptocurrency exchanges. Cotten's widow agreed to transfer ...quadrigacx/|name=Nearly 17,000 Creditors Claim Refunds from QuadrigaCX|org=Finance Magnates|date=May 13, 2020}}</ref>
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