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Sponsorship Levels[edit]

There are five levels of MarketsWiki sponsorship. Details on each level are included below.

  • Premium Level
  • Partner Level
  • Contributor Level
  • Supporter Level
  • Friend Level
  • Sponsorships also available for Enivronmental Markets Newsletter, JLN Metals Edition, JLN Interest Rates Blog & JLN Options Blog

Advertising Format[edit]

Our new advertising format allows sponsors to display a logo, list of links and banner that can customized to each of their sponsored pages. See the advertising box on a sample here.

Page sponsor.gif
Become sponsor.gif
Jln logo mw.jpg
Jln banner.gif

Premium Level

  • Ad space on top of 200 pages - Plus 100 pages on sponsor's products & related pages
  • Logo on sidebar of John Lothian Newsletter
  • Ad space on top of main MW page
  • Logo in Premium section on main page side bar & Sponsor Page of MW
  • Complimentary sponsorship of the JLN Interest Rates and JLN Options blogs