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Tayloe Draughon
Tayloe cropped 1.jpg
Occupation Consultant
Employer Draughon.us
Location Chicago
Personal Twitter @TayloeDraughon
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.draughon.us

Tayloe Draughon is a Chicago-based technology and market development professional who is the founder of Draughon.us.

Formerly he was managing director of product design for Neurensic, a Chicago-based technology firm that uses artificial intelligence to assist financial firms in monitoring risk management and compliance.[1]


Draughon has worked in the trading industry for more than 25 years, focusing on electronic trading across all asset classes.

Before joining Neurensic, Draughon worked for 10 years as the head of e-solutions at Newedge (later Societe Generale), where he helmed compliance, cost-saving and data rules projects while expanding the firm's presence in the electronic brokerage space. Before that, Draughon was vice president of the Strategic Solutions Group for Cargill Investor Services. [2]

In his personal time, Draughon is an outdoor enthusiast and active in the Boy Scouts.[3]


Draughon has a B.S. in Decision Sciences from Indiana University - Bloomington.[4]

MarketsWiki Education Video, July 2016[edit]

Tayloe Draughon, Neurensic - Futures Industry AI and Machine Learning

“As you seek worlds of opportunity, look for areas in which there are problems, because if somebody is having problems, there are going to be opportunities.”

Recent advancements in technology have led to a monstrous spike in trades and trade messaging. Meanwhile, new regulations are requiring banks, brokers, dealers and futures commission merchants to not only store all of this new data, but also to conduct surveillance for trade infractions such as spoofing, layering or “banging the close.”

One particular challenge is that these new regulations require proof of intent, that is whether a trader or trade algorithm intentionally broke a rule. How does one sift through the billions of daily messages flowing through the pipes, flag anything suspicious, and prove intent at the same time?

According to Neurensic’s Tayloe Draughon, the answer is artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition. In other words, fight tech with tech. His message to the next generation? We have problems, and our problems become your opportunities.


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