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Thailand Futures Exchange
Founded May 17, 2004
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Key People Pakorn Malakul Na Ayudhya, Chairman
Website http://www.tfex.co.th

The Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) is a subsidiary of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. [1] TFEX was ranked as the world's 45th-largest derivatives exchange by volume in 2010, falling one position from the year before, according to the annual volume survey published by the Futures Industry Association (FIA).[2] The FIA report, published in March of 2011, notes that the TFEX's total volume for 2010 was up by 38.2% from the previous year, reaching almost 4.25 million contracts.

Direct Market Access[edit]

TFEX allows brokers to offer direct market access (DMA) to clients, allowing them to connect their trading applications with a broker’s front-end system, enabling a client’s order to be automatically routed through a broker and into the exchange without being handled manually.[3].


Key Events of Thailand Futures Exchange

Products and Services[edit]

By law, The TFEX is allowed to offer trade of futures, options, and options on futures. The permitted underlying products include:

Key People[edit]

Annual Volumes[edit]


The TFEX ranked number 44 in 2009 in the Futures Industry Association's global list of top 53 derivatives exchanges measured by volume, up 43% on 2008's volume figure.[4] The FIA list, published in early April 2010, reports that that total volume for 2009 rose to 3.07 million from 2008's figure of 2.15 million.