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The Bond Buyer is a daily newspaper of public finance. The editor-in-chief is Amy Resnick. The managing director is Nicholas Chesla and the national editor is Gavin Murphy.[1]

The Bond Buyer's RapiData[edit]

The Bond Buyer’s RapiData is an economic data service designed from the ground up to offer traders low-latency news feed directly from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Commerce Department, and U.S. Treasury Department.

RapiData works to accomplish high-speed delivery by avoiding the main causes of latency, such as serialization delay, depending on the chosen bandwidth; switching delay, caused by the number of hops within a network; and propagation delay, depending on physical distance.

This private network runs directly from the “lockups” in Washington D.C. to the Equinix collocation facility in Chicago. If you collocate with Equinix, access to the data is available through simple cross-connect.[2]

The integrity of the data delivered over the network is ensured by The Bond Buyer.


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