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Thomas Flake
Occupation Chief Marketing Officer
Employer bcause
Location Virginia Beach, VA

Thomas Flake is the chief marketing officer for bcause. He is a project management professional with more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and start ups.[1]


Flake joined bcause in January 2014 as its treasurer and is a member of its board of managers.

After leaving an eight-plus year career in the Navy, in 1994, Flake started a business, Synergy Consultants, which provided computer education seminars, software development and outsourced desktop support to the internet service provider community. In 1998, Synergy Consultants was merged with another company, iTribe, and formed Picus, LLC.

In 2001, Flake founded TeliOn, the first of its kind municipal area wireless network for Internet access. The company was sold in 2002 to Pinnacle Online. Also in 2002, Flake joined Jacobs Engineering, a Fortune 500 firm, as a project manager.

Flake managed the IT team on the largest contract and served as the architect of the first two IT security plans to be accredited at NASA Langley. He was the author of the IT security plan for the largest contract at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

He traded mutual funds, equities, options and synthetics for more than 15 years.



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