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Thomas P. Lloyd
Occupation General Counsel and Executive Vice President-Legal and Compliance
Employer Campbell & Company, Inc.

Thomas P. Lloyd is a legal and compliance professional for Campbell & Company, Inc. serving under a variety of titles and roles. Since 2005 he has served Campbell & Company in September 2005 as general counsel and executive vice president of legal and compliance.[1]

He was a candidate for the 2013 NFA Board of directors as a CTA/CPO representative.[2]

Also, since April 2007, he has overseen Campbell & Company’s fund administration function. Lloyd was appointed secretary of Campbell & Company in October 2011 and as director of the board of directors in November 2012.

Other roles he plays include:

  • Secretary, chief compliance officer and assistant treasurer of Campbell & Company Investment Adviser LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Campbell & Company, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor
  • Secretary, chief compliance officer and assistant treasurer of an SEC registered investment adviser (RIA), and The Campbell Multi-Strategy Trust, a registered investment company.
  • Secretary of Campbell & Company International Bahamas Limited, an international business company incorporated in The Bahamas which invests in international investment opportunities.
  • Director, vice President, chief compliance officer and secretary and since November 2012 he was appointed president of Campbell Financial Services, Inc., an SEC- registered broker-dealer and FINRA member.


Before joining Campbell, Lloyd was a managing director and head of the legal group for Deutsche Bank Alex Brown from 1999 to 2005.


Lloyd holds a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Maryland, and a juris doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law. He is a member of the Bars of the State of Maryland and the United States Supreme Court.

John Lothian News Interview[edit]

Lloyd spoke with former John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn about the emergence of managed futures mutual funds as an additional investment choice in the alternatives space, and explained some of the logistics behind setting up such a fund and carrying out the accounting, reporting and marketing functions. He closes with a discussion of the JOBS Act and how possible changes to general solicitation and advertising could affect Campbell’s marketing strategy.


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