Tom Madden

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Tom Madden
Occupation Former Co-Chairman
Employer Price Asset Management LLC

The late Tom Madden was a former co-chairman of Price Asset Management, Inc. He passed away in October of 2009.[1]

The Madden Cup was named after Madden. It was a crystal bowl awarded to someone who contributed to the success of The Price Group during a particular year.[2]


He joined E.F. Hutton in 1971 and became a vice president in 1974. He was one of Hutton's top 20 brokers nationwide that year. After leaving E.F. Hutton & Co. in November 1984, Madden joined Merrill Lynch as a vice president to develop an agricultural marketing team. Madden left Merrill Lynch after a 10-year career as a result of being recruited to join LIT as a senior vice-president in March of 1990, and was a principal of LIT from July of 1990 until August of 1993.

Madden's focus shifted when he joined the Price Futures Group Inc., in 1995, as president of its asset management division. His daily activities find him researching commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and funds, developing alternative investment strategies and consulting fellow associates.


Madden graduated from Harvard University with a major in Economics.


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