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|name    =  Trish Foshee
|name    =  Trish Foshee
|pic      =  Trish.gif
|pic      =  Trish.gif
|twitter  = http://www.linkedin.com/pub/trish-foshee/0/78b/782
|twitter  = trish-foshee/0/78b/782
|url      =  [http://www.theifm.org www.theifm.org]
|url      =  [http://www.theifm.org www.theifm.org]

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Trish Foshee
Occupation President
Employer [[Institute for Financial Markets]]
Location Washington, DC USA
Twitter @trish-foshee/0/78b/782
Website www.theifm.org

[[Category:Institute for Financial Markets - Current Employees]] [[Category:Institute for Financial Markets]]

Trish Foshee is the president of the Institute for Financial Markets, a nonprofit educational foundation and independent affiliate of the Futures Industry Association (FIA).[1]

She serves as an ex-officio member of the board of trustees of The IFM.[2]

Previously, she served as executive vice president of The IFM.

She is responsible for the day-to-day direction and management of the Institute’s staff, consultants and programs.


Foshee joined The IFM in 2001 and served as director of sales and marketing before being promoted to vice president, business development and communications.

Previously, she was national director of sales & marketing at Dittmar Company (Westpark Hotels) from 1988 to 2001.


Florida State University


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