Trish Foshee

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Trish Foshee
Occupation Executive Vice President
Employer The Institute for Financial Markets
Location Washington, DC USA

Trish Foshee is executive vice president[1] of the Institute for Financial Markets, a nonprofit educational foundation and independent affiliate of the Futures Industry Association (FIA). She is responsible for the day-to-day direction and management of the Institute’s staff, consultants and programs. The IFM provides quality information and education related to futures, options and other derivatives in order to increase public understanding of the importance of financial markets and the financial service industry to the global economy and improve the technical competence of those in the industry who deal with the public.


Foshee was previously vice president, business development and communications at the Institute for Financial Markets. Prior to that, she was director of sales and marketing. She joined the Institute in 2001.

Previously, she was national director of sales & marketing at Dittmar Company (Westpark Hotels) from 1988 to 2001.[2]


Florida State University


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