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Typhon Logo.jpg
Founded 2008
Headquarters Chicago
Key People James Koutoulas,
Products Commodity Trading Advisor, Commodity Pool Operator
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Typhon Capital Management is a Chicago-based commodity trading advisor (CTA) and commodity pool operator (CPO) that opeates several trading programs, as well as the Hydra Multi-Strategy Agricultural Fund.[1]

The firm was founded in 2008 and is led by CEO and NFA board member James Koutoulas. In July 2014, the firm merged with Trevinci Capital Partners is a CTA affiliate of Silveus Insurance Group, America’s largest crop insurance broker.[2] Under the terms of the deal, Trevinci took a minority stake in Typhon. Also, one of Trevinci's programs, the Trevinci Liquid Ag Strategy, trades exclusively for Typhon clients.

Typhon also owns Typhon Access, operator of Hydra, a CFTC-registered platform that allows qualified investors access to managed strategies within a pooled vehicle. In the words of Koutoulas, Hydra is "AlphaMetrix without the fraud."[3]

Key People[edit]

Registration Information[edit]

  • Typhon Capital Management - NFA ID 0398233
  • Typhon Access - NFA ID 0471829
  • Typhon Holdings, Inc. - NFA ID 0400785
  • James Koutoulas - NFA ID 0400671