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William Steele
Occupation Chief Credit Officer, Risk Management
Employer Advantage Futures
Location Chicago, IL USA
Website www.advantagefutures.com

William Steele is the chief credit officer, risk management and a principal[1] of Advantage Futures.[2]


Template:Infobox Midpage Need Sponsor Over the past 20 years Steele has primarily focused on risk management. At Advantage, Steele was promoted to the role of overseeing the operations department in addition to the credit/risk management departments in the fall of 2006.[3]

Before joining Advantage, Steele worked at Fuji Futures and Mizuho Securities, Linnco Futures Group, LLC, and Index Futures Group/Brokers Resource.

He began his futures career as a retail client in 1979.


Steel holds a bachelor of science degree from Northern Illinois University, and completed his graduate work in economics at DePaul University.


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