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X_TRADER is a futures trading platform offered by Trading Technologies. Launched in 1994, it was the company’s flagship and only platform until March of 2015, when the new “TT” platform was publicly released. X_TRADER has gone through several iterations throughout the years, and the current version, X_TRADER 7, is still among the world's most-used futures trading platforms.

X_TRADER offers single-click trade execution, high-speed connections to the world's primary futures exchanges, real-time fill and position details and TT’s patented MD Trader, a vertical market depth display that allows immediate reaction to market ebb and flow.

Products integrated with X_TRADER include:[1]

  • ADL, a visual programming platform for algorithmic trading.
  • TT Autospreader, a tool that enables traders to create and execute inter-product and cross-exchange implied spreads.
  • TT Autotrader, an automated execution tool that enables traders to execute proprietary trading strategies, make markets and scalp using links from Excel or formulas entered directly in the Autotrader grid.
  • X_STUDY, a charting solution designed for professional traders.
  • TT SIM simulation solution.

X_TRADER 7 launched in 2006. [2] X_TRADER also includes fully integrated charting and analytics with X_STUDY, the ADL visual programming platform, and the Autospreader and Autotrader tools. It was named "Innovation of the Year" by FOW Magazine[3] in 2007 and "Best Buy-Side Commodities Trading Platform" by Buy-Side Technology magazine in 2007. Subsequent versions were named "Best Buy-Side Commodities Trading Platform" by Buy-Side Technology magazine in 2008[4], 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 and "Best New Product from a Technology Firm for Trading and Execution" by FOW Magazine in 2012.


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